Geirmond's Journal

The horrible magic bouuman have moved me from my hunt to this neuu place. They insist that I need to help them to repay a debt. The task is simple though I have to protect a feuu girls on their travels.

Some random kid uuants us to uualk into a trap or something. He refuses to go uuith us. Apparently his sister uuants to overthrouu the queen or something.

The bitch doesn’t really need our help she beat us just fine. A luck gods cleric has healled me and ill be ready next time. The bitch uuill die.

I uuent around to talk to the people they seem to like the uuay things are run. uuhy are uue bothering uuith this political bull shit.

The foolish rich pampered fools met uuith us today. They talked a bunch of boring shit then Alendril talked and looked pleased uuith herself. These fool uuill be the first against the uuall uuhen revolution comes. Nova found a dagger. uue left the rest stop uuhere the uuhole mess started. If I ever see that girl again I’ll kill her ded.

The strange gnome guy thing uuant us to fight the chimeras and get back his friend. I don’t trust him but it uuould be nice to fight a real foe for once.

uue traveled throuh the forest and up the mountain in search of the monster. At the top there uuas a girl uuho could turn into a dragon and see cast some kind of uueekening thing at us. The useless gnome died. Arindrel talked her to let us go and then the dragon sold the other tuuo stupid items that need breaking. uue are going to set up camp.

Nova uuondered off in the nights. Some glouuing thing attacked me uuith lightning. I r so uueek. Damn thing is impossible to hit but Alendril seems less effected by the gas earlier. Prolly because she couuering behind me during that fight. Nouu the light thingy is giving us treasure so uue don’t kill it. They uuon’t give me none though. Nouu uue back at Calrica for to get stuff done.

Some magic light attacked. I not even able lift my hammer. Neuu girl not slep uuit me but does follouu us nouu. she got a package it asploded. There is a magical stone inside the package to I uuant to smash it. Nouu I rest.

I have spent the last tuuo days resting. Still not feeling up to strangth. uueather are bad this uueek. The one afred of the dark gave me a concotion to help regain my strantgh and nouu I can fight again. My first foe is a set of red i’s this uuill be good.

uue fighted some magic snouu people. They smash just like everything else. I uuill defile there unnatural uuorks as is appropriate. uuhen uue get back to the inn I shall have a drink in Thor’s name to celibrate. Then bed rest.

Sauu a message for a skillful group. uuill take it on after I get my cloak. uue uuent to a foul auuful store and I broke a cup, it make me feal gud, but I had to leave. Gloat uuant us to scout to touuer. I got me cloak too.

There uuas a bunch of orc that uuere ther and they brought us to the foul man. He seems like a cool guy uuho don’t afraid of anything. I join uuit them and get the treasure the troll takes.

UUe move rocks then eat steuu. I guess uue leave tomorro. Then the boat throed nova overboard. Next is a city that has a touuer. Geirmund find pretty girls to spend time uuith. She done gud. Big magik bull attack touun Geirmund smash it then chase magic guy.

Geirmond's Journal

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