Patrick McLaen

Patrick, once a cleric of Dian Cecht, now walks as a Favored Soul along the path to his own divinity.


Class: Favored Soul
Level: 14 (Deific)
HP: 100
AC: -6, -9 (with shield), -11 vs. Evil

Strength: 21 (Girdle of Giant Strength)
Dexterity: 16 (Ring of Statistical Alteration)
Intelligence: 18 (Ioun Stone)
Wisdom: 20
Constitution: 16
Charisma: 15 (18 to followers of Dian Cecht)
Appearance: 15

Languages Spoken: Common, Elven, Dwarven, Sylvan, Goblin, Orcish

Rod/Staff/Wand: 9 ( +2 Ring of Protection )
Polymorph/Petrification: 9 ( +2 Ring of Protection )
Spell/Magic: 5 ( +2 Ring of Protection )
Breath Weapon: 10 ( +2 Ring of Protection )
Death/Paralyze/Poison: 4 ( +2 Ring of Protection )
+4 vs. Fire & +2 vs. Lightning saves (Modified Earring of Fire Resistance)
+2 vs. Lightning saves (Blessing from Dian Cecht)
+1 vs. Paralyzation saves
+1 vs. Possession saves

Damage Reduction:
-3 Physical Damage (Master Endurance, Blessing from Dian Cecht, Resistant)
-2 Magical Damage (Resistant, Cold Iron/Arcandium Helm)

Claymore of Thunderbolts, +5
Pivilus Sly, +5 Morningstar (Intelligent)

To-Hit/Damage Modifiers
Claymore of Thunderbolts: +11 / +16
Pivilus Sly: +11 / +16 ( +16 / +21 vs. Lawful Evil)

Bracers of Defense, AC 3
Armband of Defense, +1
Cold Iron/Arcandium Helm, +1
Shield of the Baku Knight, +2, +4 vs. Evil

Psi Points: 77
Sensitivity to Psionic Impressions
Mind Blank
Thought Shield



Patrick is a proud warrior and ardent follower of Dian Cecht. A priest since he was young, he later took up the sword to defend the lives of his companions. He is a Knight of Carse, and travels with his fellow Knight Damirith Masume. Together they have striven ceaselessly to uphold the laws of the Borshiggn empire; defend the lives of the righteous and good; and destroy evil in all of its forms.

After a particularly grueling adventure into another world, Patrick was visited by Dian Cecht. It was made clear to him that his current path could not continue, and thus chose to step out from under the shadow of his god and mentor. Though he still pays homage and respect to the Great Healer, Patrick now seeks to place his own constellation among the stars.

Patrick McLaen

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