Damirith Musame

Paladin of Athena, Knight of Carse

HP: 121
AC: -7 / -9 vs range

Strength: 16
Dexterity: 16
Intelligence: 16
Wisdom: 15
Constitution: 17
Charisma: 18
Appearance: 14

Weapon of Choice: Athena's Glory
Armor: +4 blessed field plate

Rod/Staff/Wand: 9
Polymorph/Petrification: 8
Spell/Magic: 10 (+1 permanently)
Breath Weapon: 8
Death/Paralyze/Poison: 7 (+2 vs poison permanently)
+1 resistance to being turned
-1 damage from unholy water
-1 damage and +1 to saves against corporeal undead (Chalredony gem)
Able to bypass truth magic
Only takes 1/2 damage from backstabs
50% immune to mind control
10% immune to critical hits
+2 to all saves 
-1 physical damage/-2 to hit/+3 to saves against evil beings (Protection from Evil aura)
1% Magic Resistance, 1% lucky
Immune to psionic blast, trap the soul, gem box (Amulet of Life Protection)
Can hit uncorporeal undead as if it was corporeal
6% God call (Chosen follower of Athena)

At will abilities:
Detect Lie 1x day
Teleport Without Error 9x year

Damirith is 23 years old, he is engaged to Ehrleia of Elendia and frequently travels with is good friend Patrick McLaen. He acts as a Warmaster to the Regent of Borshiggn and is a Knight of Carse. Damirith was adopted by Arken Musame, a family who collectively operates their merchant business in Morvin Port. The Musame family has a long history of adventures, a tradition that many family members take pride in. Before becoming a Paladin, Damirith was a soldier of the Morvin Port Army and later studied astrology.

Damirith Musame

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